Henk Bruinewoud

Henk Bruinewoud gets his degree in Bread and Bakery at the LTS in Enschede. His bread baking career doesn't last long. Beat music makes its appearance. Henk starts a band 'The Honest Men ' with three other guys in 1965. The band quits after producing 10 singles at Bovema among others, in 1971. After some wanderings with other bands Henk becomes the leadsinger of the 'Buffoons' where he says goodbye after 22 years of loyal service. But he can't stop singing alltogether. Now he is singing as a first tenor at the ' Twentse Police Choir' . And this gives him time to pick up an old hobby of his ' Writing Stories'

Source: https://www.facebook.com/people/Henk-Bruinewoud

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