Gordon Lightfoot

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A Lesson In Love (guitar chord)
A Message To The Wind (guitar chord)
A Minor Ballad (guitar chord)
A Painter Passing Through (guitar chord)
A Passing Ship (guitar chord)
A Tree Too Weak To Stand (guitar chord)
Adios, Adios (guitar chord)
Affair On Eighty Avenue (guitar chord)
Alberta Bound (guitar chord)
All I'm After (guitar chord)
All The Lovely Ladies (guitar chord)
Always On The Bright Side (guitar chord)
Anything For You (guitar chord)
Apology (guitar chord)
Approaching Lavender (guitar chord)
Beautiful (guitar tab)
Beautiful (guitar chord)
Bitter Green (guitar chord)
Black Day In July (guitar chord)
Boathouse (guitar chord)
Canadian Railroad (guitar tab)
Canadian Railroad (guitar chord)
Canadian Railroad Trilogy (guitar chord)
Carefree Highway (guitar tab)
Carefree Highway (guitar chord)
Circle Is Small (guitar chord)
Clouds Of Loneliness (guitar chord)
Couchiching (guitar chord)
Daylight Katy (guitar chord)
Don Quixote (guitar tab)
Don Quixote (guitar chord)
Dreamland (guitar chord)
Drifters (guitar chord)
Early Mornin Rain (guitar tab)
Early Mornin Rain (guitar chord)
Early Mornin Rain Ver 2 (guitar chord)
Early Mornin' Rain Ver 3 (guitar chord)
East Of Midnight (guitar chord)
Ecstacy Made Easy (guitar chord)
End Of All Time (guitar chord)
Endless Wire (guitar chord)
Flyin Blind (guitar chord)
For Lovin Me (guitar tab)
For Lovin Me (guitar chord)
Go Go Round (guitar chord)
Hangdog Hotel Room (guitar chord)
Harmony (guitar chord)
High And Dry (guitar chord)
I'd Do It Again (guitar chord)
Id Rather Press On (guitar chord)
If Children Had Wings (guitar chord)
If It Should Please You (guitar chord)
If There's A Reason (guitar chord)
If You Could (guitar tab)
If You Could Read My Mind (guitar chord)
Ill Be Alright (guitar tab)
Ill Be Alright (guitar chord)
I'll Tag Along (guitar chord)
I'm Not Supposed To Care (guitar chord)
Inspiration Lady (guitar chord)
Its Worth Believin (guitar tab)
Its Worth Believin (guitar chord)
Let It Ride (guitar chord)
Minstrel Of The Dawn (guitar tab)
Minstrel Of The Dawn (guitar chord)
Morning Glory (guitar chord)
Much To My Surprise (guitar chord)
My Little Love (guitar chord)
Never Too Close (guitar chord)
No Mistake About It (guitar chord)
On Yonge Street (guitar chord)
Patriot's Dream (guitar chord)
Protocol (guitar chord)
Race Among The Ruins (guitar chord)
Rainy Day People (guitar chord)
Red Velvet (guitar chord)
Ringneck Loon (guitar chord)
River Of Light (guitar chord)
Shellfish (guitar chord)
Sit Down Young Stranger (guitar chord)
Softly (guitar tab)
Softly (guitar chord)
Softly She Comes (guitar tab)
Softly She Comes (guitar chord)
Softly Ver 2 (guitar chord)
Sometimes I Don't Mind (guitar chord)
Sometimes I Wish (guitar chord)
Songs The Minstrel Sang (guitar chord)
Spanish Moss (guitar chord)
Stay Loose (guitar chord)
Steel Rail Blues (guitar chord)
Summer Side Of Life (guitar chord)
Summertime Dream (guitar chord)
Sweet Guinevere (guitar chord)
Talking In Your Sleep (guitar chord)
Ten Degrees And Getting (guitar chord)
The Auctioneer (guitar chord)
The House You Live In (guitar chord)
The No Hotel (guitar chord)
Too Late For Prayin (guitar tab)
Too Late For Prayin (guitar chord)
Triangle (guitar chord)
Uncle Toad Said (guitar chord)
Wreck Of The Edmund (guitar tab)
Wreck Of The Edmund (guitar chord)
You Are What I Am (guitar chord)
You Just Gotta Be (guitar chord)
Your Loves Return (guitar tab)
Your Loves Return (guitar chord)