Girls In Hawaii

Girls in Hawaii is a Belgian indie pop band.

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Wednesday 17th of November 2004 14:18

lyrics van Girls In Hawaii op !!


Thursday 9th of September 2004 15:23

Here is the lyrics of Found In The Ground - Girls In Hawaii. The others are very difficult to find.
Found but in the ground
Big top and through head
To that cloud it turned turned turned around
Very high
Through birds and variats
Tell me how
To stay in that
Right and dry
I fear to lose her
Out of sight

Say hello (we're today)
I'm never sure if I have to worry
All that time (we're today)
I feel so calm and I think about an eating ground (we're today)
I'll swallow her and taste it slowly through my noun
And you'll die

Down it's falling down
In the waves
Fish and shell
So run smells
What was that :
Out of breathe
Look for life,
To a porting game


Saturday 5th of June 2004 13:43

Have someone the lyrics of Girls in hawaii??
I have'nt find on web.

it's time to forgive the winter

Friday 7th of May 2004 17:48

state of the art


Saturday 24th of April 2004 21:03

prachtige cd
echt grandioos mooi