Georgina Verbaan

Georgina Carolina Verbaan (born 9 October 1979) is a Dutch actress and singer. Verbaan is best known for her recurring role in soap opera Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden. She has also appeared in various Dutch films, including Costa!, Volle maan and Oogverblindend.

source: Wikipedia

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Thursday 18th of January 2007 04:36


Monday 31st of January 2005 14:56

ik sta stijf van verwondering


Tuesday 28th of October 2003 14:54

ik ben nen grote fan van georgina verbaan. georgina, doe zo verder; ge zijt goe bezig

dit is een hele toffe site hahaha


Thursday 17th of October 2002 13:39

dit is een te gekke site