Eddie Bars

(22)"Eddie Bars" is a Hip-Hop/Rap Artist , Songwriter, Record Producer, and Engineer.
Born in Chicago, IL (September 7th, 1994) Raised in a small north suburban town called (Zion, IL). Edward Turner aka Eddie Bars found his passion at a very young age. At only 12 years old, Eddie started recording on his laptop in his Mom's small 3 bedroom home with his 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Moving back to Chicago in 2008 brought Eddie to the begin of a long and exciting journey. Joining former Music Group "Team Go" (Fisno50) in high school gave Eddie a lot of early experience in the music industry. At only 17 the group of 4, including Rizzo, Nate1 and Esbe were already touring to different cities and states to perform their Hit Single "It's Cracking" back in 2012. Testing the solo path in 2015 lead Eddie to release two Hit Singles "Venting" and "My Word". These two great songs opened up the door for Eddie to start performing in Boston, MA which got him placed on the Top100 Upcoming Artist List. The list allowing Eddie to network with Complex, XXL, REVOLT and many more. Getting his First Official Mixtape "Informed" placed on the New "MyMixtapez" App for the Hottest Mixtapes in the Industry. "Informed" which was released May 31st is Now Available on Datpiff & TopMixtapes.com as well. Featuring Artist like Famous Rude, TezTooCool, Jefe Bluntana and more. Now working on his second mixtape "Above Average" Hosted by Dj Prime. Featuring Artist like Kapo, Complex, Azure and more. Due to release in September 2016, Eddie Bars plans to go on his first USA & UK Tour. Unsigned and growing bigger by the day leaves Eddie no choice but start searching for a spot on a Major Labels Roster in 2017.

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