David Guetta

David Guetta, or Pierre David Guetta of his real name, was born on the 7 of November 1967 in Paris.
He began his career at the age of 17, in a lot of Parisian Discotheques. He has a lot of talent and in 2002, he takes out his first single called “Love don’t let me go” with Chris Willis. This single became the Gold Disc of the year with most of 370 000 sold.
He had a big success and he became one of the best DJ of the world when he takes out his first album called “Just a little more love” in 2002 too!
With his wife, Cathy Guetta, he created his own tour called “fuck me I’m famous”. He crossed the continent and mixed in several countries. It was a successful tour!
In 2005, he became the 39th DJ of the world in the classification of the “DJ mag top 100” magazine!
In 2007, he takes out his third Album who was called “Pop life”. It’s an international success with 530 000 discs sold in the world. I this album, we can find in particular the Single “Love is gone” who is played in all the radio station of the world, and in many hip-hop club in USA.
He was the 10th DJ of the world in 2007, and the 5th in 2008!
In the End of the year 2008, David Guetta takes out his fourth album, “One Love”. Many American stars of music sang with him, like WILL.I.AM of the black eyed peas, Akon, Kid-Cudi or Ne-Yo too!
It is his best and most known album!
The day of its exit, “One Love” is classified number 1 in 17 countries. The album is certified triple platinum disk with more than 300 000 discs sold in France and disk of diamond in the world with more than 1,5 millions discs sold. It is the French album the most sold in the world in 2009
The album One Love was classified sixth the best blow of album in the world during its exit. The first two titles of this Album, “When Loves takes over” and “Sexy Bitch”, are classified number 3 and number 1 of the singles the most sold in the world.
In October, 2009, David Guetta was chosen to be the ambassador in Europe of the game DJ Hero, who is the continuation of Guitar Hero, in version platinum.

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