Clouseau - anna

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Anna, when I'm with you

I can hardly hold my fire

Anna, tender moments

That are always gonna take us higher

You're still in bed While I'm fixing some coffee

I look at you in the morning light

And I see

You've kicked away

The covers and your hair is a mess

And I snuggle close and kiss your nose

While you sweetly mumble yes


We cuddle up and softly you start talking

I crack a smile

Because you can't help yawning

But this is Sunday

So we don't really have a lot to do

So we get back between the sheets

And make love 'till high noon


We huggle close together

And we talk of this and that

And then I know that you love me so

And it makes me glad

Tekst en muziek : Geert Hanssens and Hugo Boelaert

Copyrights © by: EMI Music NV/SA

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Author: Geert Hanssens

Composer: ?

Publisher: EMI Music NV/SA


Released in: 1991

Language: English

Appearing on: Close Encounters (1991)

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