By Nature

Johan Peeters, born 1974, has been playing guitar since his teenage years and is a gifted lead singer. From playing with different cover bands such as Mrs Rockinson, Rockabulaire 2000 and Return from Lala-land he went to gothic rock band “This Vale Of Tears” for which he wrote songs as well. They had some good response in the scene and delivered a song for a German Gothic Rock compilation CD.

In 2003 he founded his own pop-rock band “By Nature” for which he was singer-songwriter and lead guitar player. The band has 2 CD’s out, both with own songs and produced on one’s own. He also plays acoustic solo sets in bars and youth clubs with which he gains a different kind of live playing experience.

After keyboard player Nady Meul and guitar player Jurgen Strijbos left the band, there were only three remaining: Johan, Tom and Patrick. It was decided to form a cover band whith “Hot Snax” as a result. Johan is playing guitar and lead vocals.

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