Armor For Sleep

Members: Ben Jorgensen, PJ DeCicco, Anthony DiIonno, Nash Breen

Active: 2002 - Present

Armor for Sleep is a rock band from Maplewood and Teaneck, New Jersey. Lead singer Ben Jorgensen recorded the first ever Armor For Sleep songs for $100 at a nearby recording studio, playing all the instruments by himself, after leaving the band Random Task, in which he played drums. He later met his bandmates in college.


Singer/songwriter/guitar player Ben Jorgensen began writing songs the summer before his freshman year at college, and recorded two of them at a local studio. Weary of playing all of the instruments himself, the self-admitted recluse found kindred spirits in bassist Anthony Dilonno and cousins Nash Breen (drums) and P.J. DeCicco (guitar). Buzz for the newly minted band grew quickly, and by the summer of 2002, they found themselves in California recording their debut, Dream to Make Believe. Released on Equal Vision Records in June 2003, the record secured the band a solid spot in the growing emo-pop scene, leading to some choice shows with bands like Taking Back Sunday, Piebald, and Thursday. In 2005, after successfully headlining their own U.S. tour, the band released What to Do When You Are Dead, a loosely related conceptual album dealing with life and death that showcased the group's growth into a heavier and darker machine. The DVD A Comprehensive Guide to Touring was issued near the year's end, and Armor for Sleep next signed on to the roster over at Sire in April 2006.


2003 - Dream To Make Believe

2005 - What To Do When You Are Dead


2003 - Dream To Make Believe

2004 - My Town

2005 - Car Underwater

2005 - The Truth About Heaven

2006 - Remember To Feel Real

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