Anna Jantar

(June 10, 1950, Poznan - March 14, 1980, Warsaw)

Anna Maria Kukulska; maiden name: Anna Maria Szmeterling

Polish pop singer who thrived in the 1970s.
Wife of composer Jarosław Kukulski.
Jantar became her solo career in 1972.

Anna Jantar's musical career came to a tragic end when she died in a plane crash in woods South of Warsaw on a return flight from the USA. She left a small daughter behind, who later became a singer herself but didn't not achieve her mother's fame.


1974 - "Tyle słońca w całym mieście" (So much Sunshine in the City), reedition 2001
1975 - "Za każdy uśmiech" (For every Smile), reedition 2001
1979 - "Zawsze gdzieś czeka ktoś" (There's always someone waiting)
1980 - "Anna Jantar", reedition 1999

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