Alkaline Trio

Members: Matt Skiba, Dan Andriano, Derek Grant

Active: 1996-present


The band formed in December of 1996 (see 1996 in music), originally consisting of Matt Skiba (guitar/lead vocals), Rob Doran (bass/vocals), and Glenn Porter (drums/vocals), all from McHenry, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago. 1997 saw the release of the band's first EP, Sundials. This was followed shortly after by the departure of Rob Doran. After the departure, Dan Andriano, former singer of Asian Man Records band Tuesday and bassist for Slapstick, took his place and they began recording. The band released their second EP, entitled For Your Lungs Only, in 1998, which began to build them a sizable fanbase in the American Midwest. Later on that year, the band released their first full length album, Goddamnit, followed by Maybe I'll Catch Fire in 2000 (both on Asian Man Records). Also in 2000, the band released a collection of their previously released EPs on their self-titled album.


Soon after, Alkaline Trio was signed up by Vagrant Records, a record label much larger and more renowned than their previous label, Asian Man Records. Joined by new drummer Mike Felumlee (previously of the Smoking Popes, now of Squirtgun), From Here to Infirmary was released in 2001 on Vagrant Records. Recorded at Pachyderm Recording Studio, this was their first album to see any interest from alternative radio and the mainstream media, with the semi-hit punk single "Stupid Kid" and the inclusion of the song "Armageddon" on the Tony Hawk's Underground video game. Their cover version of "Over at the Frankenstein Place" was included in the compilation "The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show", an album made to pay tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

After the release, Mike Felumlee left the band, to be replaced by drummer Derek Grant, previously of The Suicide Machines, Telegraph, Thoughts of Ionesco, Remainder, and Broken Spoke.


Their next full-length album was Good Mourning, released in 2003, with the album's launch single "We've Had Enough" seeing much the same success as the previous single "Stupid Kid." The album was a significant departure from earlier works, featuring greater production value and a move toward the mainstream.

The band has also appeared on various compilation albums, notably Plea for Peace Vol. 1, Vagrant Records: Another Year on the Streets Vol. 1, 2, and 3, and Rock Against Bush Vol. 1. Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano have both independently recorded split records, Skiba with Kevin Seconds on Asian Man Records and Andriano with Mike Felumlee on Felumlee's label Double Zero Records, as well as jointly performing backing vocal duties on the album This is Unity Music by Common Rider. They have also recorded 2 split EPs with bands who are no longer together: one with Hot Water Music in 2000 and the other with One Man Army in 2004.

Alkaline Trio released their fifth album on Vagrant Records, titled Crimson (the title the band chose over the other potential album name, Church & Destroy), on May 24th, 2005, which featured the single "Time to Waste." The single for this song also included bonus tracks produced by Squirtgun and Common Rider bassist Mass Giorgini. The tracks "Mercy Me" and "Burn" have also been released as singles from the album.

In December of 2005, a dual-disc special edition re-release of Crimson hit store shelves. This album features the original cut of Crimson released earlier in the year, while the 2nd disc has demo and acoustic/live versions of some of the songs from Crimson. Additionally, an enhanced version of the lyrics and liner notes are available for download with personal messages from the band members on the history and/or inspiration(s) behind the songs.

On April 21, 2006 reported that the band would be spending the remainder of the year writing and recording songs for an album to be released via Vagrant Records, after they have finished their current tours.

After the release of Good Mourning in 2003, a curious outcry was heard by Alkaline Trio fans when it was noticed that a second guitar player was hidden beside the speakers during the band's live performances. Fans worried there was a fourth member of Alkaline Trio, which would contradict the name of the band. Alkaline Trio responded that this guitar player, Nolan McGuire (who is also the tour manager), was not a member of the band and never would be, but with the growing complexity of their music, a second guitar player was needed on tour to fulfill the sound Skiba had written/recorded on the album. As of the release of Crimson, McGuire no longer hides behind the speakers but appears on stage with the band. It seems that since there is definitely no change to band lineup being made, fans have embraced McGuire. It should also be noted that McGuire only plays with the band on certain songs live.

On June 29th, 2006, the band's website announced that Matt had started a side-project called "Heavens" with Josiah Steinbrick, previously of F-Minus. The band has been signed to Epitaph Records and will release their album "Patent Pending" on September 12th, 2006.


1998 - Goddamnit

2000 - Maybe I'll Catch Fire

2001 - From Here to Infirmary

2003 - Good Mourning

2005 - Crimson


1997 - Marc's A Dick And Gar's A Drunk: The Johann's Face Story, Johann's Face Records

2000 - Alkaline Trio, Asian Man Records

2001 - Plea for Peace/Take Action, Sub City Records - song: "My Standard Break from Life"

2002 - Atticus: Dragging the Lake Vol. 1, Side One Dummy Records - song: "Jaked on Green Beers"

2003 - The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show, Springman Records - Alkaline Trio cover "Over At The Frankenstein Place" from cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show

2004 - Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1, Fat Wreck Chords - song: "Warbrain"

2005 - Masters of Horror, Immortal Records - song: "We Can Never Break Up"


1996 - Alkaline Trio: Demo Tape

1997 - Sundials, Johann's Face Records

1998 - For Your Lungs Only, Asian Man Records

1999 - I Lied My Face Off, Asian Man Records

1999 - Alkaline Trio/Blue Meanies Split, Thick Records

2001 - Hell Yes, Lookout! Records

2002 - Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music Split, Jade Tree Records

2004 - BYO Split Series, Vol. 5 (split with One Man Army), BYO Records


2001 - "Stupid Kid"

2001 - "Private Eye"

2003 - "We've Had Enough"

2003 - "All on Black"

2005 - "Time To Waste"

2005 - "Mercy Me"

2006 - "Burn"

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