Diabolus In Musica

Diabolus In Musica the album as the following songs:
1.Bitter peace (4:32)
2.Death's Head (3:34)
3.Stain Of Mind (3:24)
4.Overt Enemy (4:41)
5.Perversions of pain (3:33)
6.Love To Hate (3:07)
7.Desire (4:20)
8.In The Name Of God (3:40)
9.Scrum (2:16)
10)Screaming from The Sky (3:12)
11)Wicked (6:01)
12.Point (4:11)

There is also a second disc with the following live tracks on...
1.Raining Blood
2.Angel Of Death
3.Mandatory Suicide
4.Chemical Warfare
6.South Of Heaven

This is one Slayers slightly later albums it was released in 1998

This is an absolutely great album. It has to be my favourite slayer album ever.
My favourite song is Bitter Peace (even though the intro can drag on a bit.)
But this is a must-have for any real slayer fan.
1.   Bitter Peace
2.   Deaths Head
3.   Stain Of Mind
4.   Overt Enemy
5.   Perversions Of Pain
6.   Love To Hate
7.   Desire
8.   In The Name Of God
9.   Scrum
10.   Screaming From The Sky
11.   Point
Type: Full CD
Publisher: American Recordings
Published in: 1998

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