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Livin' on the Radio

Livin' on the Radio by Lady Gaga, Music Lyrics and Video

Lady GaGa performed a new song titled "Livin' On The Radio" tonight during the first of her 2-date stay at Saint Paul, Minnesota. The song is a ballad and is a work in progress as stated by Gaga. She said she doesn't think it will appear on her new record, but who knows.

You can listen the song here, enjoy.

I got no friends,
I'm my own queen,
but i'm living on, living on the the radio, That's my dream.

Stone river eyes, And a lonely heart,
If i'm living on the radio, they won't tear me apart.

10 stems and roses on the tree,
10 stems and lonely nights,
But you've still got me,
On the road, Road paved in gold.

Baby you must believe,
Baby you must be free,
Keep living on, living on the radio,
That's my dream.

Baby you've gotta friend,
And so many little monsters, yeah.
Keep living on, living on the radio.

And when there's nowhere to go,
And your friends are gone,
And you only got your daddy to call,
It will be all right, honey.
'Cause your songs are on the radio.

'Cause you're sure to miss all the cavier,
the champagne and the sold out shows,
But it will be all right honey,
Cause your songs are on the radio.

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