The Monkees


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All Of Of Your Toys (Guitar chord)
Carlisle Wheeling (Guitar tab)
Carlisle Wheeling (Guitar chord)
Circle Sky (Guitar tab)
Circle Sky (Guitar chord)
Circle Sky Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
D W Washburn (Guitar tab)
D W Washburn (Guitar chord)
D W Washburn Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Daily Nightly (Guitar tab)
Daily Nightly Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Daydream believer (Dutch translation)
Daydream Believer (Guitar tab)
Daydream Believer (Guitar chord)
Daydream Believer Ver 2 (Guitar chord)
For Petes Sake (Guitar tab)
For Petes Sake (Guitar chord)
For Petes Sake Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Girl I Knew Somewhere (Guitar tab)
Girl I Knew Somewhere (Guitar chord)
I Want To Be Free (Guitar chord)
I'm A Believer (French translation)
I'm A Believer Easy (Guitar chord)
Its Not Too Late (Guitar tab)
Its Not Too Late (Guitar chord)
Its Not Too Late Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Last Train To Clarksville (Guitar chord)
Listen To The Band (Guitar tab)
Listen To The Band (Guitar chord)
Look Out (Guitar tab)
Monkees Theme (Guitar tab)
Monkees Theme (Guitar chord)
Monkees Theme Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Nine Times Blue (Guitar tab)
Nine Times Blue (Guitar chord)
Nine Times Blue Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
No Time (Guitar tab)
Papa Genes Blues (Guitar tab)
Papa Genes Blues (Guitar chord)
Papa Genes Blues Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Pleasant Valley Sunday (Guitar tab)
Pleasant Valley Sunday (Guitar chord)
Porpoise Song (Guitar tab)
Porpoise Song (Guitar chord)
Porpoise Song Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Randy Scouse Git (Bass tab)
She (Guitar tab)
She (Guitar chord)
She Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Someday Man (Guitar tab)
Someday Man (Guitar chord)
Someday Man Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Sometime In The Morning (Guitar chord)
Steppin Stone (Bass tab)
Sweet Young Thing (Guitar chord)
Take A Giant Step (Guitar tab)
Take A Giant Step (Guitar chord)
Tapioca Tundra (Guitar tab)
Tapioca Tundra (Guitar chord)
Tapioca Tundra Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Tear Drop City (Guitar tab)
Tear Drop City (Guitar chord)
Tear Drop City Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Valleri (Guitar tab)
Valleri (Guitar chord)
Valleri Ver 2 (Guitar tab)
Words (Guitar tab)
Words (Guitar chord)
Words Ver 2 (Guitar tab)

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