Marilyn Manson


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Title Rating Type Year Publisher
A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Full CD 2000
Acoustic Full CD 2003
Antichrist Superstar
Full CD 1996 Interscope Records
Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes Single 1999 Nothing
Best (disc 1) Full CD 1999
Bizarre Festival Full CD 0
Bizarre Superstars Full CD 0
Born Villain Full CD 2012 Cooking Vinyl
Coke And Sodomy Full CD 2002
Coke And Sodomy (cd1) Full CD 2002
Coma White Single 1999 Nothing
Dark Adventures Full CD 0
Eat Me, Drink Me
Full CD 2007 Nothing
Eat Me, Drink Me Instrumentals Full CD 0
Family Values Full CD 1996
Fight Songs Full CD 0
From Highway To Hell Full CD 0
Genesis Of The Devil Full CD 2001
Get Your Gunn Single 1994 Interscope Records, Nothing
Great Big Day Out Full CD 1999
Greatest Hits Cd1 Full CD 0
Greatest Hits Compilation Compilation 2004 Interscope Records
Heaven Upside Down Full CD 2017 CAROLINE DD
Holy Wood Full CD 2000 Interscope Records, Nothing
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) MaxiCD 1998 Interscope Records
Kill Your Idols Full CD 0
Last Tour On Earth Full CD 1999
Lest We Forget Full CD 2004 Interscope
Lest We Forget: The Best Of
Compilation 2004 Interscope Records
Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Single 1997 Immortal Records
Machanical Animals Full CD 1998
Man Son Of Sam Full CD 2002
Manson Massacre Full CD 0
Maximum Full CD 2002
Mechanical Animals
Full CD 1998 Interscope Records
Mechanical Manson Full CD 1999
Mix Full CD 0
mOBSCENE Single 2003 Nothing
Molson Gardens Barrie Can Full CD 1994
Monkey Massacre Full CD 0
More Maximum Manson Full CD 2003
No Reflection Single 2012 Cooking Vinyl
Omega And The Mechanical Animals Full CD 1998
Personal Jesus MaxiCD 2004 Interscope Records
Portrait Of An American Family Full CD 1994 Interscope Records, Nothing
Portrait Of An American Family (mossiman Mix) Full CD 1993
Rare Acoustic Full CD 0
Return Of The Killer Wasp Full CD 2003
Return Of The Killer Wasps Full CD 2003
Rock Is Dead Single 1998 Maverick Records
Satan's Cheerleaders Live 1997 (bootleg release)
Selena's True Killers Full CD 1995 Hurricane
Shock Glam Rock Show Compilation 1998 (Not on label)
Smells Like Children Full CD 1995 Nothing
Star Profile Full CD 2002
Sucked My Own Dick Full CD 0
Sucked My Own Dick (broadcast) Full CD 1997
Sweet Dreams Single 1995 Interscope Records, Nothing
Tainted Love MaxiCD 2001 Maverick Records
The Beautiful People Single 1996 Interscope Records, Nothing
The Document Full CD 2007 Video Music, Inc.
The Dope Show (cd1) Single 1998 Nothing
The Dope Show (cd2) Single 1998 Nothing
The Fight Song (cd 2) Single 2001 Nothing
The Fight Song (cd1) Single 2001 Nothing
The Golden Age Of Grotesque Full CD 2003 Interscope Records, Nothing
The high end of Low Full CD 2009 Interscope
The Interview Sessions Full CD 1995 Chatback Records
The Last Tour On Earth (Cd 1) Full CD 1999 Nothing Records
The Last Tour On Earth (Cd 2: bonus Disc) Full CD 1999 Nothing Records
The Nobodies MaxiCD 2001 Nothing
The Pale Emperor Full CD 2015 Hell, etc
The Unauthorised Biography And Interview Full CD 1999 All-Talk Records
The Worst Full CD 0
This Is The New Shit Single 2003 Interscope Records, Nothing
Tourniquet Single 1997 Interscope Records, Nothing
Tourniquet Cd2 Full CD 1997
Vs The World Full CD 1999 Mastertracks
We Are Chaos Full CD 2020 Loma Vista
Working Class Hero Single 2001 Nothing

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