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Funk upon a time

In the days of vanglorious

The tri-dimensional houses of energy

released the original powers

to the translators of the interplanetary funk code

Funkin religion, funkin lesson

Key bearers, funkin to the East

Earth bound

[Professor X]


We are messengers, of Ra

Whispering the secrets of the ages

Vanglorious!  This is protected

by the red, the black, and the green

with a KEY!  SISSSSSY!

"It was nearly eleven, when I started to return.

The night was unexpectedly dark.

To me, walking out of the lighted passage of my cousin's house

it seemed indeed black."

[Brother J]

What is.. we are..

Dum-diddy-dum to the God's new drum

Devils run, here comes the sun

Brothers travel for ages

Scroll and stake from planet to planet

I take a ride on the cosmos

The utmost toast of my raft

Now mortals want a dose of the voice of key

with the bass of the great war chant

So now it's on to the garden at a million vibes a second

The pyramid tries to beckon

The sands of time, survive the flood

The bricks of blood, the house of the heart

on the tri-dimensional level

On to balance with the feather

Funkin lesson vibes to earth, from Ra on to Jeb

My verse it bled, bring chaos to order

The abyss to the earth to the waters

Vanglorious sound on the rain comin down

Verbalizer with scroll, earth bound

[Professor X]

I am, the blood of the pharoahes

The spear bearers, the elephant riders

The everlasting conquerors

I AM, the original power of blackness

The strength exampled, in our people as a whole

I am the voice of unearthly soil

Earth bound, by will of the Creator

[Brother J]

From amongst the stars, in a universe plane

Great void, the funk code plane

Going back to the ending, the beginning

Degrees ever spinning, in a world of divisibles

Black is black and before that original

Great pyramids served as tomb, but power;

child in the womb

I awaken to raise the flag, ahh, from the zero

War, zoom, devils, doomed

Eternal souls, living as those who are chose

To live for the nose

My boots bear soil, in respect of the elders toils

Bearskin rug, walk in flames, vultures swoop on the boiled

I free my mind and my spirit follows

I bring words of the wise

Coming to the earth on the likes of rafts

coming from the moon to the Nile, earth bound

[Professor X]

In the land beneath, I come knowing the earth bends over

Wrapped it's legs around darkness

And black waters both glide [?]

[Brother J]

Let's take a trip through space, without no suit

I'm an Afronaut, I'm the original traveller, and unraveller

of all mysteries, I touched the world like a child plays tag

Speak the code then depart upon raft

Over moon with the chants of zoom, who are you?

You wonder, forever

Never never, a million years, key bearer

The cosmic storm, illogical coming of chaos

Again, earth dweller comprehend

Religion on wax

The facts of the living, the phoenix flies

Wings scrape the sky

and surveys the eys of two, zoom

On to the temple, zoom

Mortals fears, brothers tears, war is declared, zoom

Disrupting the devils convention

Paved in hell are the gravest intentions

but in my home devils burn, think about it

Til a Brother returns, to Zod

[Professor X]

I have come like a priest in [?] skin

Having crossed the Nile by boat

Having come through the gap in the mountain

Having walked like [?], restless

Like a rabbit from the depth of his hutch

Blinking at light, I have come

The mission, the Nile

The destination, the crossroads

And then.. (zoom, zoom, zoom)
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