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Come On, Everybody! Get on, with your party! 
And don't let nobody say you're wrong. 
O.K. So you've lost control, 
But they'll never steal your soul No way! 
That they're gonna spoil your fun. 
Greedy men, in far off places, 
Don't be afraid to show your faces. 
We know what you've done is wrong, 
But clap your hands, and sing along now! 
Don't even bother, to let us know, 
When you flick the switch and stop the show, 
Because the party has begun, 
And we'll still be dancing, as-you-run-now! 

(Repeat chorus) 

Oh no, don't think that I'm not scared, 
Oh no, don't think that I'm prepared. 
I just take each day as it comes, 
Because it may - it may -, It may be the last one! 
I know they don't care about me, 
I ain't got no money, ain't a V.I.P. 
And I know they don't care about you, 
You may - as well - enjoy your life like I do! 

(Repeat chorus to fade)
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Auteur: George Michael

Componist: ?

Publisher: CBS Records


Uitgegeven in: 1983

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Fantastic (1983)

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