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Look at me, tell me what you see
Yeah, do you think I'm loved
It's so unclear

What happened here
And I want the truth because
Time that have is growing short
And I love you like my next breath
But if our future won't
I wish the best for you
And nothing less, o-o-oh

Could've made it better
Shoulda let you know

Oh I found
Look at me, tell me what you see,
DO you think of love
It once was beautiful, but now I have no clue
What's left for us?
Time that we shared, always growing slim
Slim about the day
Let's put our minds at ease
Work it I'ma leave
It goes our ways

Could've made it better
Shoulda let you know
Why, why, why

I could've made it better
I Shoulda let you know
Oh my, what hapWened to us?
I thought we would stay forever
What happened to us?
What happened to us?
I remember us
I still remember us, and I have your talent
You should be happy though
You should be happy thougha
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