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Most unusual….Going home ,going home goin home going home
I’m home
Ah yes I’m home
Its my sanctuary from the persecution of the night work is smothering me
Going home going home going home
I’m home I ve been working all night, where’s my baby
I ‘m ready for a good time
Me and my sugar baby getting undone
Undone every button and lace
Won’t leave baby on the shelf with the jam and the sugar now
I love you Lindyloo Oh Lindyloo
I want you I  adore you, I’m made for you
Oh Lindy Loo Oh where are you
Oh Lindy Loo
She’s my erotic baby
Im the one ah yes I’m the boy toy
Lindyloo I love you Lindyloo  sugar baby

I like her legs, I like her but  there s a limit to her sassy ways
These are mysterious days
I m ready for a good time
Yeh my sugar honey la la la la la la la la LindyLoo
I need a little light on this
Looking for my baby but its yee haa time and we got no rules
Would I need a magic potion or a bottle of rye
I sink with my depression and it makes me wonder why
Makes me wonder
lolli pop lolli pop la la la la loli pop loli pop
Oh oh oh Lindy Loo
It makes me wonder I’ve been licked like a lollipop
Oh oh oh Lindyloo I love you Lindyloo
Ooh Ooh Ooh Lindyloo I love you Lindloo
Oh oh oh Lindy Loo she’s my erotic baby
I’ll be calling through the neighbourhood
Bad bad
Oh oh oh Lindy Loo
All this time now my ba ba ba ba baby where’d you go now
Where’d you go now, go now
I scream everywhere for you
All this time
Aaah yes I’m the boy toy.
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