Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis - Cyril Said It All Before

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You think life in the Navy's like a prisoner 'doing time'
And working in a submarine's like being down a mine
You join 'The Mob' to go to sea, then for the shore you pine
"I'm sure that no-one's ever had a feeling just like mine!"
Then you listen to the words in GREY FUNNEL LINE
Cyril said it all before

Now, I've sailed 'East of Suez', walked on Malta's golden sand
I've marched the streets of Singapore behind a 'bootneck' band
I've smoked my 'oppo's' fags and then complained about the brand
Pompey Lil once said she's take me to 'the promised land'
I've eaten CHICKEN ON A RAFT, it didn't taste too grand
Cyril said it all before

I know it's true , in every port, we seem to have a dame
But 'chasing skirt' in Guz or Pompey's just part of the game
Then you meet your one-true-love, you offer her your name
But she makes a fool of you, she turns your love to shame
SALLY FREE AND EASY yes, hat ought to be her name
Cyril said it all before

"If things don't change they'll stay the same.", was on the dockyard wall
But now I'm older I've found out it's not like that at all
"The more things change the more they stay the same", should be the call
I'm still saluting officers, the mighty never fall
But you can still get hot-dogs from THE OGGIE MAN's old stall
Cyril said it all before

A LEAN AND UNWASHED TIFFY at the age of thirty-nine
I'm nearly IN THE SIDINGS NOW, I've almost done m' time
And FIVE FOOT FLIRTs don't come my way or if they do I fail
I never did find SAMMY'S BAR, it was my holy grail
It's time for me to say: "Goodbye!"; to DIESEL AND to SHALE
Cyril said it all before
Cyril said it all before
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Auteur: Tom Lewis

Componist: Tom Lewis

Publisher: Self-Propelled Music


Uitgegeven in: 1987

Taal: Engels

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