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He always runs while others walk
He acts while other men just talk.
He looks at this world, and wants it all,
So he strikes, like Thunderball.
He knows the meaning of success.
His needs are more, so he gives less.
They call him the winner who takes all.
And he strikes, like Thunderball.

Any woman he wants, he'll get.
He will break any heart without regret.
His days of asking are all gone.
His fight goes on and on and on.
But he thinks that the fight is worth it all.
So he strikes like Thunderball
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Auteur: Don Black, John Barry

Componist: John Barry

Publisher: London Weekend Television


Uitgegeven in: 1965

Taal: Engels

Vertalingen: Duits , Frans

Komt voor op: The Best Of Tom Jones (1998) , The Definitive Tom Jones 1964-2002 (2003) , Greatest Hits - The Platinum Edition (2006) , Icons (2009) , 20 Greatest Hits (dubbel lp) (1975) , Greatest Hits Rediscovered (2010) , The Many Sides Of Tom Jones (hits) (1994) , A-tom-ic Jones (2000) , Gold (2005) , 20th Century Masters (2000) , Greatest Hits - Singles A's and B's (1995)

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