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Hey' baby
You go your way
And I'll go mine
But in the meantime

Move closer

When we're together
Touching each other
And our bodies
Do what we feel

When we're dancing
Smooching and swaying
Tender love song
Softly playing

Move closer (move closer)
Move your body real close until we
Feel like we're making love

Get closer

So when I say sugar
And I whisper I love vou (I love you)
Well, I know you're gonna answer
In the sweetest voice, yeah my sexy baby
I love you too (I love you too)

There's much room for passion, oh no, no
There's no room for fears
When good love flows smoothly between us, my dear

Why don't you move closer (move closer)
Move your body real closer until we
Feel like we're making love

Oh, move closer, baby

Come here girl
Let me hold you
You feel so good to me, woman

(Move closer) 
Let's get closer (let's get closer) 
Move baby (gonna make sweet love to you)
Honey, get beside me
And let me love you
My baby, baby, baby
I love you

So baby, won't you move closer (move closer)
Why don't you move your body real close
Until we feel like we're really' making sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet love

Move closer (move closer)
So why don't you take me to heaven, yeah
Oh baby, to heaven, yeah
Let's take our time and do it right
Be going all night, yeah
It's gonna be a long night
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Auteur: Phyllis Nelson

Componist: Phyllis Nelson

Publisher: Zomba Productions Ltd.


Uitgegeven in: 1989

Taal: Engels

Cover van: Phyllis Nelson - Move closer (1986)

Komt voor op: Touch My Heart (1994) , The Definitive Tom Jones 1964-2002 (2003) , Kiss (1995) , All You Need Is Love (1993) , At This Moment (1989)

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