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For you to think of me
It would only take a minute of your time
To spare one thought for me
Would you miss just one minute of your time?

When you are far away
I'd like to be part of your time each day
So think of me

A minute of your time
Is all it takes to bring us close
When we are far apart

And if I'm on your mind
I know that there's a chance
You'll ind that I'm there in your heart
One minute ev'ry day
May help to keep the wolf away
Until that moment you are back to stay
But better still I'd like to think of me
Ev'ry minute of your time
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Auteur: Clive Westlake

Componist: ?

Publisher: The Decca Record Company Limited


Uitgegeven in: 1968

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: The Definitive Tom Jones 1964-2002 (2003) , Icons (2009) , A Minute Of Your Time (1968) , The Golden Hits Of Engelbert Humperdinck & Tom Jon (1993) , The Golden Hits (1990) , Stop Breaking My Heart (1989) , Gold (2005) , Greatest Hits - Singles A's and B's (1995)

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Saturday 3rd of April 2010 01:19

Tekst even beter vertalen.....