Timothy James Meaney

Timothy James Meaney - Benediction gitaar chord

Je score:
Played by Timothy James Meaney
Who wrote it?? Dunno
Don't copy it--Big brother is watching you

G                             D         Em
My friends may you grow in grace
          C                               D            G-D
And in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour
G                             D         Em
My friends may you grow in grace
         C                          D      G
and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ

Chorus: To God be the glory, now and forever
now and forever, amen
To God be the glory, now and forever, now and forever amen

Chorus Chords and Verse chords are the same
For those of you who know "Stairway to Heaven",
use that pickin' style. it is as follows,
pick the D and hi E string together with thumb and ring
finger. Then pick the G,B and hi E strings in that order
with Pointer, Middle Man, and Ring Finger. Confused?
strumming is ok too.

Tabbed by Anj Mc.
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Taal: Engels

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