Therapy? - Accelerator songtekst

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You've got no friends
You've got no steady job
You've got no girlfriend
You say I'm cheap
You're just like me
The answer to the question
Put to you by me

I'm the driver
I'm in control

I've got no motivation
I don't need friends
All my destinations
Are leased for my own ends
I only answer
To my own mind
This speed is what I need
To help me kill some time

I'm the driver
I'm in control

Need to drive...
I feel good...
Need to drive...
I'm alive...
Accelerate, Accelerate,
Accelerate, Accelerate,
Need to drive...
Feel so alive...
Need to drive...
Keep you alive...

I'm the driver
I've lost control
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Auteur: Andy Cairns, Fyfe Ewing, Michael McKeegan

Componist: ?

Publisher: BBC


Uitgegeven in: 1992

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Nurse (1992)

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