The Rascals

The Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

Je score:
I think I'll go outside a while
 & jus' smile
 Just take in some clean fresh air, boy!
 Ain't no sense in stayin' inside
 If the weather's fine an' you got the time
 It's your chance to wake up and plan another brand new day
 Either way
 It's a beautiful mornin', ahhh
 Each bird keeps singin' his own song
 So long!
 I've got to be on my way, now
 Ain't no fun just hangin' around
 I've got to cover ground, you couldn't keep me down
 It just ain't no good if the sun shines
 When you're still inside
 Shouldn't hide, still inside, shouldn't hide
 Ahhhh oh! (shouldn't hide) ah ah oh

 (Do do waaa, do do waaa)

 There will be children with robins and flowers
 Sunshine caresses each new waking hour
 Seems to me that the people keep seeing
 More and more each day, gotta say, lead the way
 It's okay, wednesday, thursday, it's okay
 (Ahhh) monday, wednesday, friday, weekday, ah ah ohhh

 (Do do waaa)
 Ah ah oh oh (do do aaaa)
 Wooooo oo oo oh oh oh ah wo do waa
 Ohhhhhhh.....oh oh oh
 ...& fade
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Auteur: Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere

Componist: ?

Publisher: Coral Rock Music Corp.


Uitgegeven in: 1968

Taal: Engels

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