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(feat. Havoc)


Uh-huh, yeah, here comes another one

And niggaz gon' now what I'm talkin about

(Most def.. most definitely)


Aiyyo Hav' man (yeah) kick that shit my nigga


Check me out yo, uh-huh, yeah..

[Chorus x2: Havoc]

Wanna be thugs, there's sugar in they tank

Wanna be thugs, no cash in the bank

Wanna be thugs, up North get raped

Wanna be thugs, flashin jewels get ganked


Yo I seen all types be the victim of a kite

Be like, them silly fishes be the first one to bite yo

They see the cheese but they don't see the trap

Not a real live cat, but a real live rat

You got, broken guns, the first to run

First to leave, first to abandon your team

Yo you wonder who I'm talkin about?

I'm standin right next to you ass, the one that you got in doubt

First to shout, to get you into some bullshit

Now you're all drownin, cause loose lips sink ships

Do you like Hav'?  He be like, hell no

It works, cause you know, that the fuckin truth hurts

I just, let niggaz bring 'em down in the day they cool

After six they throw on the nightgown

Loud sounds, expected after sundown

Man down, half crowns get shotdown and right now



Yo.. aiyyo we leave niggaz with dry blood on they face

Put slugs where your bones at, break you off a taste

Shots of tequila, plenty Henny, we drinkin heavy

Smokin dust, Dunn I brought mez(?) tabs with me

And to my mamis on ecstasy

C'mon, we can bungee in the V.I.P.

We turn bitches out, take turns in that bitch mouth

Carve niggaz up, show niggaz what it's all about

It's us, the best of Queens, handguns to minks

Top fashion, we flash and bang

Niggaz think they Flash Gordon, we snatch the link

Cause we mafioso and you the average dick

Kid, we send messages through bottles

Crash your face with the Mo, have glass all in your nostrils

And run through y'all niggaz like the shits

Kick niggaz with the boots, dukes we get biz, youse a

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