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Dont let em ever tell you dreams dont come true, Dont ever let them shoot down your dreams. No Dream big! Come here man, look me in my eyez now tell me who will stop me
listen i can burn like the sun or be cool as the moon, or depend how i feel at the time and my mood could just flip like breezy or be eazy like neo was nothing like a dub but something like a kilo if i want it i pursue it i dont let up till i have it like presto you can call me mr magic when i focus my attention on the things i desire, those things get acquired no i never get tired i run the longest run n i dont fatigue what more then what i need no this is not greed this is lust for the stuff that i see i vision got this picture in my head that leaves with everything listen
if it doesnt exist i bring it to existence difference between me and you is this you see obstacles i see obstacle illusions i can not be slowed down stoped or fooled with
Anything that can be done i can do it better anything is possible i can do whatever i chose life is what you make it i chose my own path life is what you make of it
Listen i believe i can fly on that G-650 yeah i know i was born to live affluently all this expensive shit is just grown folk toys when your swamped with your money n you get to enjoy it but the best part about my life is all the people who tell me how much they love me yeah i love you too Mobb Deep is fo lyfe P is forever, the infinite infamous man is like we never, Fall short, fall off fall back theirs never been a team in the history of rap with this Guinness book of intelligent hard shiet only thing this game missing is more of this mobb shieet your strippers dance on poles of them strip songs but in the car on the way home she puts on that HNIC Back to the real world. Back to reality
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