The Grand Astoria

The Grand Astoria - Future Belongs To Me

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She said it's time 
We have to go 
Down on the long and winding road 
Trial of tears and cry of love 
More than enough 
How can you dream of world to see 
Living from salary to salary? 
Down, down, down 
Sky meets the ground 

Time will pass and time will go 
Leaves no footprints in the snow 
Just traces in a fragile air 
And a curl of silver hair 
No one knows when time is right 
Will it bring me joy and light 
Or darkness and insanity? 
My future still belongs to me 

There is a place inside your head 
Lost and abandoned 
Makes me sad 
Beautiful childhood memories 
Covered with dust 
(They say) Learn from mistakes and it can help 
You better blame nobody but yourself 
Down, down, down 
Six feet under ground
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: (Not on label)


Uitgegeven in: 2014

Taal: Engels

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