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               AND even though the moment passed me by
                               I still can?t turn away
            I saw the dreams you?d never thought you?d lose
                              tossed along the way

           Letters that you never meant to send get lost or thrown away

  And now I?ve called upon things that never knew there names
               don?t belong to no one that?s a shame
   You could hide beside me maybe for awhile
                and I won?t tell no one your name.

  I won?t tell?em your name

 The  scars are silverish that you?d never lose the passed is never far,
  Did you lose yourself some where out there..
 did you get to be a star
  Don?t it make you sad to know that life..
 is more than who  we are

  You grew up way too fast.. , and now theres nothing to believe and re runs all
 become our history a tired song keeps on playing on that tired radio,
  And  I won?t tell no one your name

  And I wont? tell em your name

  And I won?t tell em your name

   And I won?t tell em your name

       I think about you all the time,, that I don?t need to sing,,,,
     As lonely were you are .. come back down and I won?t tell em your name
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Auteur: ?

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Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles (2007) , A Boy Named Goo (1995) , Dizzy Up the Girl (1998) , iTunes Originals (2006)

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