Tangarine - A beautiful girl like you

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In your eyes I saw my reflection. 
Trying to look through!
I saw something beautiful, 
something that won't expose you. 
Are you affraid to know me, 
or are you affraid to know yourself? 
Speak to me and I will tell, 
what I see in a beautiful girl like you! 
Life is more than life alone 
Bein' free is learning about it. 
Living for today is like a stone. 
It’s rolling but won’t take you home. 
You take me away with a reaching hand. 
And than you disappear. 
I turned around and saw your smile, 
laughing at another man. 
Am I blind or must I just wipe my eyes? 
Got to get out of my shell. 
I’m searching for your story so I can tell, 
what I see in a beautiful girl like you! 
Laughing is more than jokin alone. 
I can write books about you. 
But this moment can't get along 
in a moment of truth. 
Tell me if I’m boring you, 
Coz sometimes I feel that way. 
In my head I’ve got the words, 
but they only put me in delay. 
Maybe your not the girl for my life, 
and It’s just a desperate move I make. 
Searching for one of a kind, 
in a beautifull girl like you!
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Auteur: Tangarine

Componist: Tangarine

Publisher: ?


Taal: Engels

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