Susanna Hoffs

Susanna Hoffs - Something New

Je score:
to rinse away the bitterness of
   another day fading away
 you want somthing new, something bright
 to lighten up the shadows of your
   darkest fears hovering near

 you get so lonely lately, lonely and afraid
 maybe nothing really good will ever come your way

 you want something new, something hot
 flames of passion buring all your
   bridges down don't turn around

 i lie awake and watch you toss and turn
 i ask what's wrong, you turn away and say
 it's not my concern

 you want something new, something new
 but there is nothing i can do to make
   you see what you mean to me
 cause you know i love you
 and i know that's nothign new
 that's nothing new
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Auteur: Cary Sheldon, David Kahne, John Hanes (2), Susanna Hoffs

Componist: ?

Publisher: Columbia


Uitgegeven in: 1991

Taal: Engels

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