Susanna Hoffs

Susanna Hoffs - No Kind Of Love

Je score:
you swore your love on all our mothers
 but that was only yesterday
 now here,s that pain all those colors

 you step right up, you sound so sweet
 you make a promise that you can't keep

 no kind of love
 no kind of anything that i really need
 i'd give up all my heart
 if there were somebody there for me

 I never thought you'd fee this way
 to act like i was born to suffer
 what was that you tried to say?
 you take a girl then try to love her

 you step right up, you act so clean
 i'm just a voice on your machine

 sometimes i really need you and i
   find you've gone and left me far behind
 i'm trying to believe you or to leave
   you, but you never have the time

 i'd give you all my heart
 if you were somebody there for me
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Auteur: David Kahne, Ross Rice, Scott Cutler, Susanna Hoffs

Componist: ?

Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment (Holland) BV


Uitgegeven in: 1991

Taal: Engels

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