Susanna Hoffs

Susanna Hoffs - It's Lonely Out Here

Je score:
and from the air it looks so pretty
 when i get down on the ground you won't be around

 it's lonely out here
 it's lonely out here

 ten thousand headlights on this highway
 so you go your way and i go my way
 now i'm down on the ground
 i won't hear a sound

 santa anas bending the palms
 the sun is shining on the green, green lawns
 i'm stuck outside a postcard, i can't find home
 right now i'm breathing pretty hard
 running for my life on sunset boulevard
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Auteur: Billy Steinberg, Susanna Hoffs, Tom Kelly

Componist: ?

Publisher: Columbia


Uitgegeven in: 1991

Taal: Engels

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