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Take my hand
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
Because the eyes never lie

And all that you’ve ever done
And everything you ever knew
And in every dream you’ll ever have
I’m there with you

Tell me everything you can
’Cause I am the one who will understand
I am all of your fantasy, yeah yeah
And after all, it’s just you and me

I’m Your Secrets

And when you hurt from the weight of the world
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
And on the day you leave the world
I go with you

Tell me again about endless love, yeah yeah
The talk with the sun and the moon and stars
What do you think about God and man, yeah yeah
Tell me the thing no one would understand

’Cause I’m Your Secrets

You ask is love a lie
And is the world insane
Why do we cry
And is this life really just a dream

Tell me everything you can, yeah yeah
I am the one who will understand you
I am all that you wish to be, yeah yeah
It’s always been just you and me

’Cause I’m Your Secrets
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