Split Window

Split Window - song five songtekst

Je score:
Looking at you is likeStaring at deep water
Listening to you is like
Hearing voices in the dark
Touching you is like
Snow melting in the hand
But I'd rather be
Deaf, dumb and blind
Then to see you go away

This is my song
For all those about to die
In the fields of love
This is my plea
For all those sad people
In the valley of despair
This is my advice
I simply call it song five

Riding on a horse
In a field of weed
Flying in a plane
Towards the sun, the heat
That's what I feel
When you're beside me
People say I'm crazy
I'm a fool for love
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Auteur: Noël Van Oyen, Günter Groth, Johan Sabbe

Componist: ?

Publisher: ?


Uitgegeven in: 2001

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Zapruder (The Soundtrack) (2001)

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