Soilwork - Bastard Chain

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Bastard Chain

Searching for power,who is to blame ?
You weak little bastard - bound to symbols of pain,
Hiding in shadows, a pungent smell,
You haven't decide your own fate cause
your story of life is too bitter to tell
Your dying eyes with a cowards reflection,
Heading for the true direction, forward to die !

Bastard Chain,
with souls so lame the bastards chain
Bastard Chain,
with souls so lame
A Bastards chain [x3]

So you say your mind belongs to them ? -
turned upside down again and again and again Feel ashame , feel ashame,
Yourself to blame,yourself to blame -
Only yourself...
Only yourself you can blame!
only yourself you can blame ! [x3]


Helpless you will devour,
everything that comes before your eyes
Citizens of restless power, never let your scorn rule your fate...
Your fate!!
...always dragging you down, to the ground,
A disgrace, a disgrace,
your "masterpiece",
your "masterrace" - only yourself,...only yourself you can
blame !! Only yourself you can blame ! [x3]


Hey!Won't you tell me your name and justify your way of
thinking Walking the stairs of the manipulated ones - only
yourself,...only yourself you can blame!! Only yourself you
can blame ! [x3]
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Auteur: Björn "Speed" Strid

Componist: ?

Publisher: Nuclear Blast


Uitgegeven in: 2001

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Live in the Heart of Helsinki (2015) , A Predator's Portrait (2001)

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