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Slim Dusty - A Rose Of Red songtekst

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Back to the rear of battle, a digger boy was gay
Thoughts of home, across the sea, filled his heart today
No thought of danger linger, in the soldier's head,
As loudly did he sing of love, of love and roses red,

I have a childhood sweetheart who waits so patiently
A rose of red is in her hair, to show her love for me,
We'll build a home together, when I return from war
With roses red a homely site, growin' round the door.


The soldier boy kept singing , his heart was warm today,
When from the trees a viscious crack and death was on 
it's way,
The happy boy stopped singing, and nothing we could do
The air was cold, he lay so still, the sniper's aim was 

We picked him up so gently and this is what was seen
A rose of red from a sniper's shot, across his shirt of 
The bullet travelled onward, deadly in it's flight
A girl so sad, her love has gone, a rose had died 

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