Skyclad - Brothers Beneath Skin

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Preached the Archbishop, from his High Catholic pulpit
After the wine was thrilling, the cattlefax went raw
Inbred home of beauty, often those who do their duty
Respect the king, respect the clock, give honor to the law

The communist made an answer to this back-room in Shrewsbury
Marx and Lenin open by the wood writings on the floor
You've been preaching 'kingdom come' but your factory's a slum
It's brewing such a trouble as we've never seen before!

We're Brothers! Brothers Beneath The Skin!

They cried the town mechanic with a good booth mechanicaly
"Oh, I am Heiland! Damn Thee! I'm the master of my soul!"

My granddad was a peasant, and it wasn't very pleasant
Without cinemas and birth-control and unions and the Dole

Straight out the bastard, eternal need for failure
A purple man take in your ... been a half
Did you ever stopped to think as you drowned the sonic drink
That the bombs who bruise the beach will have the last among the last

We're Brothers! Brothers Beneath The Skin!

Look what we have given them god and guns and discipline
Syphilis and alcohol and missionaries and whips
'Til the cry came over the waves to emancipate the slaves
They were doing very nicely 'til the white gods came in ships.

Look! Dead Man! At this empire of suffering
[Manco dracona] of an invidious color strand
They can hear it, try not healing, the thoughts fall in concealing
The last White is snuffed out in a toxic no-man's land

We're Brothers! Brothers Beneath The Skin!
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Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: A Bellyful of Emptiness - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1991 - 1995 (2016)

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