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Thirty Frames A Second
Was a man I recognised
Say who you are

I lost my job
Self confidence
Bank account

The league of youth
Coming backward at me
Thirty Frames a second
Say who you are

Go back to father
Father where's my food?
You food is on the table
That can't be food
It's dirt

Say who you are

Look at my skin
Look at my face
Look at my arms
Getting younger
Going backwards
Thirty Frames A Second
Say who you are

I crash my car
Collapse in town
Young immigrants
And legionaires
Fighting back back backwards
Thirty Frames A Second
Say who you are

Some friends of mine
I thought were dead
A coming back
"What are you doing coming back

Say who you are
Feel I'm going backwards
Thirty Frames A Second
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: Virgin Records Ltd


Uitgegeven in: 1980

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Silver Box (2004) , Empires And Dance (1980) , Celebration (1982) , Early Gold (2003) , Themes For Great Cities - Definitive Collection 79-81 (1981)

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