Simple Minds

Simple Minds - Premonition songtekst

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Fact to fact
Nothing moving happening
The waiting room
Limbo can burn
But the original sin
The incentive to learn

Fly over land
Where no hearts can beat
The metal rain pouring
Raining down on me
Hole in my head
Where the creature has crawled
And It's burning and turning
Out of control

Real to real
Fact to fact
Nothing moving happening
I in this land
Sand in the eye
So here we go
The happy man dies

Brave little world
Well you cry once again
Remodel life
Remake and remodel
Remodel men
Protection Protection
The sound of machines
Image is burning
As they grind to a halt
Crying and crying

The sound of the shells
Tears turn to salt
Cry and I cry
Just one more illusion
I cry just for you
There's a hole in my head
Wher the voices came through

Fly over land
Waiting and waiting
Where no hears can beat
Machinery's burning
The metal rains pour
Raining down on me

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Auteur: Jim Kerr

Componist: Simple Minds

Publisher: Virgin Records Ltd


Uitgegeven in: 1979

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Silver Box (2004) , Real To Real Cacophony (1980) , Celebration (1982) , Early Gold (2003) , Themes For Great Cities - Definitive Collection 79-81 (1981)

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