Shriekback - Fish Below The Ice (Oil And Gold) songtekst

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Well the mouth is open
and the noise comes out
Ain't no reason for it
just a need to shout
It's malnutrition
We could fall apart
It's never delicate
Just something from the iron age

We shake it up
And we break it down
The sound of a satellite
Saying get me down
Yeah we shake it up
And we break it down
Hear the voice of America
In your home town

Well the film is running
'til the film runs out
There's no point of focus
It zooms in and out
It's information
And it leaves no mark
It's just as permanent
as painting in the iron age

I'm plugged in and loaded
Don't forget to phone in
The self destruct is holding
I'm counting, I'm counting, but only to three

We get it right sometimes
We shine a light sometimes
We see the fish below the ice sometimes
Stand up and fight sometimes
We get the fright sometimes
How will we ever pay the price this time

Yeah we shake it up
And we break it down
It's east European, west European
It's moving so fast
It goes all the way round

Yeah he's on a mission from god
But he don't know whose
and he don't know why
Says I'm not a light in the darkness
More like a shadow on the lungs
I'm balanced here on the edge of anger
I'm standing here on an empty page
Sooner or later I'll start receiving
I've been standing here for days
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