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To give
Is the reason I live
To give all I can give
In return for the life that I earn
I was born
As a part of the plan
With the heart of a woman
With a will to survive

I believe
Everything on this earth
Having meaning and worth
Made of concrete and air
Is to share
And to feel
Justify I exist
To be scribed on the list
Of someone
With a place in the sun

Here I stand
Reaching up for the sky
Till the day that I die
I must give all I can

When I go 
I'll go out empty hand
Lending dust to the land
Just the soul I have found
Leaves the ground

And to give
Is the reason I live
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Auteur: Bob Crewe & Bob Gaudio, Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio

Componist: ?

Publisher: EMI


Uitgegeven in: 1968

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: This Is My Life (1999) , The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979 CD2 - 1966-1969 (1994)

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