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The liquidator
Will soon be coming around
You won't feel safer
Until you get out of town

He's an eraser
He'll rub you out like a light
And for a chaser
He'll kiss your woman goodnight

He's a jackal and a Romeo, you know
The devil in disguise
There's no telling where a girl would go, you know
To gaze into his eyes

With the snapping of the fingertips of him
He'll take your life away
And a whisper from the smiling lips of him
Will take your wife away

The liquidator
Will soon be getting to you
You'll wake up later
Somewhere up in the blue

The undertaker
Would never try to deny
That the liquidator
Is a hell of a guy

The liquidator
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Auteur: Lalo Schifrin, Peter Callander

Componist: ?

Publisher: EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG


Uitgegeven in: 2012

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: This Is My Life (1999) , The Definitive Shirley Bassey , I'm In The Mood For Love (1989) , Goldsinger (best Of Shirley Bassey) (1995) , Sings The Movies (2003) , The EMI / UA Years 1959-1979 CD1 1959-1966 (1994)

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