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Please Mr. Brown
Take it easy you’re spoiling my gown
Oh I know music brings out that yearning
But right now you’re learning to tango

Please Mr. Jones
Not so tight you are crushing my bones
I’ll just bet you’re an expert on wooing
But right now we’re doing my tango

You boys, in spite of all the dancing lessons you bought
Out on the dance floor, have but one school of thought
And that is anything from what my dancing teacher taught

Please Mr. Smith
It’s a lady that you’re dancing with
There’s a time and a place for romancing
But not while we’re dancing the tango

Now you guys are just a bunch of wolves in ivy league clothes
Think as long as music’s playing anything goes
No one who wants a fellow wants a slow one
But I’m a gal who wants to know one 
Who knows what every lady knows

Please Mr. Green
Without music that movements obscene
It's quiet clear for what goal you are reaching
But I'm only teaching a tango
Not while we’re dancing a tango
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: EMI


Uitgegeven in: 2010

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979 CD5 Live at Carnegie Hall 1964 (1994)

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