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So, it's finally over
Had to happen, but no big deal
After all of that, off again and on 
What else is new?

Well I say, will you catch me crying?
Not this kind.
Will I soon forget you?
I just did.
Does it really hurt me?
Only when I laugh.

Is my heart finally numb yet?
Yeah, I don't think I feel one thing.
After too long of running cold and hot
And cold, you end up blue.

So, I'll just things on my mailbox,
suits me fine.
And since you've gone on your way,
I'll go mine.
Does it really hurt me?
Only when I laugh.

Every time I fell in love
I never fell completely
The joke is,
I was save something
For the person that I thought was you.

Well, I guess I was dreaming
Glad the fantasy's dead and gone
And if my mind heeps running back and forth
And back and forth don't take that as a clue

It was a minor operation,
I pulled trough
Opened up my life and took out you
My only scar's a heart that's neatly torn in half
Does it really hurt me?
Only when I laugh.
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Auteur: David Shire, Richard Maltby Jr.

Componist: ?

Publisher: Intermusic S.A.


Uitgegeven in: 1982

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Superstar Series (2006) , Legendary Performer (2002) , All By Myself (1982) , This Is My Life , I Am What I Am (1984) , This Masquerade (2002) , The Very Best Of (1999) , This Is Shirley Bassey (1988) , Solitaire (2002) , New York, New York (1989) , 20 Super Sucessos (2002) , Shirley Bassey Evergreen Selection (2003) , An Introduction To Shirley Bassey (2006)

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