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I'm not anyone 
No not just anyone 
I have the right to leed 
A life fulfilled with every need 
I'm not any woman 
Designed to fit someones plan 
I have my own desires 
All the things a woman requires 

I'll not be used 
Misled, decieved or abused 
No sir not me 
I am free 
I'll not give away 
The freedom I have is the same 
To say I do, I don't 
I will, I won't 

Know thyself 
These words are true 
Know thyself 
I hope I do 
Toil a while, but not in vain 
I removed the child the woman remains 
Life is filled with those who fail 
The weak the strong the meek the frail 
Those who refuse to try 
Those who just life to die

I'm not one of those 
I'm full of pride I suppose 
I'll say it loud 
I am proud 
I'll not I'll not be a space 
A no one a number a face 
No sir not me 
I am free 

I leaved,  I loved from a lie
This freedom I got, it's all mine
No sir not me 
I'm free
No I'll not be used
No sir not me 
I am free
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Auteur: Johnny Harris, Paul Anka

Componist: ?

Publisher: United Artists Records, Inc.


Uitgegeven in: 2010

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Nobody Does It Like Me (1974) , The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979 CD4 - 1973-1979 (1994)

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