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I'm the one you should be thinking of

I'm the only one you're supposed to love

I tell you I love you and you don't understand

I give you everything I got and you don't understand

I carve your name in my chest and you don't understand

I'm gonna have to show you I'm your only man

I'll cut out your pretty eyes so I'm the last man that you see

Our love is so strong, you'll never get over me

I'll rip off both your legs to make sure you're here to stay

I'll do whatever it takes, true love won't fade away

I can't bear to see you with another man

If I can't have you, no one can

I'll carve your pretty face right off your head

I'll torture you past the point where you'll wish you were dead

I'll cut out your tongue, so no other man hears your voice

When you decided to leave me, you left me no choice
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