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I wake up every morning and I take a deep breath

I'm another day older and closer to death

I'm searching for a secret to see what life's all about

But I'm fighting against the clock and my time's running out

I want to find the truth, I don't have enough time to try

Only one thing is certain, I have time enough to die

Time's my only enemy and time's what it's all about

Time is all I have and my time's running out

Time laughs while I struggle and time laughs while I bleed

Time's almost up now and time's all I need

All our time's running out but we still try and pretend

But this road we're all going down is just a dead end

Time's catching up and there's no running away

Time is going to chase me until my dying day

I want to fight time but I don't know where to begin

Because life is just a game that only time will win
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