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You don't have to look far to see filth and grime

Our daily lives are filled with perversion and crime

A dealer on the corner, some whores down the block

It's an everyday sight, it comes as no shock

No arrests are made, the politicians are corrupted

This is the world they made, it's time we disrupt it

Justice can't be brought through legal demands

The only way to do it is with the law in our hands

Purge!…Bring down the state

You rally and protest, your voices go unheard

You've got to change tactics

Actions speak louder than words

Democracy is a sham, it's all been prearranged

Bombs, not ballots, is the only way to bring a change

World history is approaching its darkest hour

We can turn back the clock, we've got the power

We are the new morality, the power is in our hands

We can sweep across the nation and purge the land

Politicians and evangelists all spread the lie

For their injustice to humanity, they'll have to die

Today's robber barons must be assassinated

Drug dens and porno houses must be incinerated

We're the new morality, our numbers are vast

We can build a new future as we burn down the past

We'll show no mercy, no hesitation

Might makes right, we're gonna purge the nation

Purge!…Bring down the state
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